Boondoggle and Beobank bring clarity to investors

When it comes to investing, everyone has an opinion. From the man in the street who got it from hearsay to the know-it-all who doesn't really know either: opinions abound, especially now that savings and stock markets are under pressure from inflation and an impending recession. But when it comes to your money, you still prefer to get an informed opinion from someone knowledgeable.

Based on this insight, Boondoggle developed a recognizable investment campaign for Beobank in which personal contact and professional advice from the bank are central.

In order to communicate about investing in an original way, reference was made with a wink to other subjects on which everyone has a strong opinion, such as soccer, fashion, the metaverse or a facelift. The message was always the same: for truly personal and professional advice, you should visit Beobank.

The campaign ran on the radio, in (D)OOH, on social media, via native ads and bannering. 

Beobank A1d Beleggen V4 Alt 2 NL 25s.mp3

MP3 - 979 Kb


Client team: Valérie Lahaut, Sophie Waucampt, Annelies Van Boxel
Account team: Charlotte Urbain, Marko Van Dyck & Sofie Jossart
Strategy: Stijn Cox
Creative Director: Sven Nijs
Creatives: Fabrice Van Hellemont, Els Verhofstede, Vincent Abrams
Agency Producer: Bérengère Lurquin
Sound: Cobra
Long copy: Lesley Dewilde
Motion design: Dorien Bradt
Design: Stefaan De Vos


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About Boondoggle

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Boondoggle has a combination of international and local clients, including  Beobank, Nomad Food Group, Achmea, NATO, Bancontact Payconiq Company, Yuzzu, Opel Finance, Oxfam, Flanders DC, Elia, Trends/Tendances, NCOI, ADESA, TWEGOS, FITME and the Ministry of Defense. Boondoggle’s promise is “Together Beyond”. 

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