“We get your daily life and what matters to you”, says the first Beobank image campaign since the launch of the brand in 2013. This way, client and agency put people, clients and their lives and experiences first, to further develop the brand promise “You’re well surrounded”. Herewith, Boondoggle – Beobank’s new agency since the beginning of this year – delivers the canvas for further campaigns. The creative ‘We get that’ platform, linked to the brand promise, represents the client relationship that Beobank aspires: to be a partner that helps them to live fully and confidently and to make their projects happen. “Only if we get someone’s daily life and his current situation, we can fully help him” is Beobank’s philosophy. This campaign marks the start of further exploring this philosophy by developing their services and educating their staff, under the motto ‘practice what you preach’.

The campaign: 8 stories that show real life

The campaign shows life as it is. It exists of recognizable moments and characters you can easily identify with and that illustrate how Beobank gets what moves their clients every day, always with a wink and unprejudiced. These are the people Beobank advises as good as they can, with the engagement of their advisors. The stories show key moments in people’s lives: someone who becomes a baker, the last child that leaves the house, two men getting married, a couple that discusses their kid’s future after they get divorced, etc.

The result of a beautiful collaboration between agency and client (with the people from Sales, Products, Data and Growth Marketing)

The people who work with our clients on a daily basis and listen to their stories know what they’re going through better than anyone. That’s why Boondoggle interviewed multiple employees. The many insights and anecdotes that came up during these interviews, complemented by data on how representative these stories are, were the basis for this campaign. The Growth Marketing team and Boondoggle got to work with these insights, with this authentic campaign as a result.

Only video:

8 short films of 15”, 2x 40” and 2x 30” TV/video films were made. Herewith, Beobank chooses a complete video approach, online as well as offline. The online environment allows them to reach more specific audiences that are maybe rather light tv watchers.


Valérie Lahaut, Head of Growth Marketing

About the collaboration:

“We’re proud of this campaign because it came into being together with multiple departments of the bank. Thanks to the contribution of different colleagues, Boondoggle was able to translate the way we approach our clients in an emotional way. Because we want to be there for them every moment of their lives, whether it’s trivial or extremely important. This production is more than a campaign, it reflects our DNA, which is visible every day in the interactions we have with our clients. This is underlined by the hashtag #WijZijnMee (#WeGetThat).”

Why did we launch an image campaign now, the first since 2013?

“Since its launch, Beobank quickly built a good reputation. The last couple of years however, we noticed that the brand is well-known, but people don’t really know what Beobank stands for, so we should work on that knowledge. Until now, our campaign had a main focus on functional advantages, without our baseline “You’re well surrounded” really coming to life to the general public. That’s what we want to do today; get into touch with the public emotionally via stories about real-life moments that people can identify with.”

It's the beginning of a new “era” for the brand. What does this mean for you/Beobank?

This campaign is a first step, a first manifestation of our “WHY”. The journey we’re about to make with Boondoggle should make Beobank’s way of working tangible by means of very concrete actions. We want our clients to experience their bank relationship in a human, simple and positive way. We’re a bank on a human scale, welcoming everyone without prejudice, and that’s what we want to show.

Stijn Cox, Managing Director Boondoggle:

About the collaboration:

This was real teamwork. Valérie’s team stepped into this adventure with an open mind, and today, we see the first glimpse of it. But there’s much more to come: great plans to make the brand even stronger from the inside out, with an adapted client and staff experience that will differentiate the brand even stronger. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey in this partnership.

About the campaign:

A shooting of four days is not evident these days, but the teams of Latcho Drom, Beobank and Boondoggle gave their all to perfectly record the stories. Well done!



Creation: Thomas Thysens, Lesley Dewilde, Frederik Draulans, Stefaan De Vos, Michel De Schauwers
Creative Director: Jorrit Hermans
Strategy: Stijn Cox
Account: Kristien Bruyninckx, Nele Witvrouwen
Client: Cyril Guilloret, Valérie Lahaut, Sophie Waucampt
Production agency: Bérengère Lurquin
External production: Latcho Drom
Director: Manu Coeman
Sound design: Gregory Caron

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