Boondoggle and De Chinezen paint a portrait of an international generation with ‘The People of Tomorrow’.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 — Commissioned by VRT and in collaboration with Tomorrowland, Boondoggle and De Chinezen have developed an innovative multimedia content project. With this content project, VRT wants to paint a portrait of a remarkable generation, ‘The People of Tomorrow’, who are making their own mark on the world through their optimism.

The content project starts with the launch of the platform on January 23rd. Via this platform, VRT is going to look for 200 international Tomorrowland visitors, 200 ambassadors of the positive generation. Exponents of the so-called beautiful people who enjoy dance music and fantasy worlds. Yet they are far more than the hedonistic, narcissistic generation they are taken for. With ‘The People of Tomorrow’, VRT wants to gauge their thoughts about family, friends, love, happiness, relationships, music and different cultures. And by doing so, offer a different, original and revealing insight into this international generation.

The content project will culminate in a radio series on Studio Brussel (presented by Eva De Roo). In autumn 2014, there will be a separate TV series on Eén (created by De Chinezen). The concept for the project is a collaboration between Boondoggle and TV production house De Chinezen.

This project can be seen as an illustration of Boondoggle’s conviction that, more than ever, modern brands need to be built through a dynamic content stream. And in close collaboration with the public.

People of Tomorrow -- Tomorrowland is scouting for 200 ambassadors