Boondoggle and Nike give Antwerp back to the runners.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 — Boondoggle and Nike just launched a remarkable city campaign called ‘Take Antwerp’. You don’t need an expensive fitness subscription to have a good run. Nike invites you to run when you like, as you like.

The campaign is built around an ingenious Facebook application in which you can draw running routes on a satellite picture of Antwerp. This leads to surprising routes such as ‘The Dog’, ‘The Runner’ and ‘The fries’.
Nike challenges you to run and create as many routes as possible and to Take Antwerp, one run at a time. With the application you can invite friends for a run and keep track of the runs you ran.

Find the application on the tab 'Take Antwerp' at the Facebookpage of Nike Running Belgium.

The campaign is brought to life with wildposterings and beamings on buildings around town.

One of the highlights of the campaign is the Run The DJ event. Every runner gets a set of headphones, in which they hear an exclusive set of a Club Dj from Antwerp, making this nightly run the first ‘Silent Rave’. The run ends with a party in the legendary Café d’Anvers Club.

This Nike campaign comes with the launch of ‘Likify’, a new application of Boondoggle LifeLabs (Boondoggle’s Innovationlab). Every poster holds a unique QR-code. Who scans this code automatically ‘Likes’ the run on their Facebook profile. This Likify feature brings Facebook’s most used Facebook functionality to ‘real life’.


Nike Take Antwerp Facebook Application