Boondoggle and Renault launch The Silent Song Contest

In early 2011, Renault chose competition winners Boondoggle as their brand new digital agency. Instead of just adapting offline communication concepts, Boondoggle makes powerful digital statements for the brand. By creating engaging stories about Renault models, for example. The first digital concept to roll off the production line is The Silent Song Contest for the Renault Clio.

Unashamedly singing along to songs on the radio is our favourite pastime in the car (besides nose-picking). Which is why Boondoggle and Renault launched The Silent Song Contest this week as a digital campaign for the Renault Clio Ice-Watch. On Renault’s Facebook page (via there are some thirty films of people giving it their all in a Renault Clio Ice-Watch. Viewers are asked to guess the song as fast as possible, which requires serious lip reading skills. Because just like in real life, you can hardly hear the music as you sit and enjoy the sight of singing drivers.

Those who guess a song correctly get to enjoy the vocal talents of the driver a little longer. The person with the highest score gets to drive away in a Renault Clio equipped with four Ice-Watches. Those who don’t guess a song correctly can still earn points by sharing the clip via Facebook and by asking their Facebook friends for help.

The campaign is announced on digital banners and designed with the help of Mojuice.

The Silent Song Contest

The Silent Song Contest

The Silent Song Contest

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