Boondoggle and the Ministry of Defence confront Belgians about insecurity abroad

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 — Insecurity abroad is not our problem. That’s the assumption the Ministry of Defence wants Belgians to question in their campaign with Boondoggle since appointing the agency in May. 

Although global insecurity might not affect us here in Belgium today, it could well become our problem tomorrow if we don’t take part in the solution - as we’ve seen recently with terrorist attacks all over Europe.

In collaboration with the EU and NATO, Belgium intervenes in the Middle-East, the Mediterranean and Mali with peace keeping and training missions.

Defence briefed Boondoggle to create an awareness campaign about these missions. The aim is to show Belgians that these global problems are not as disconnected from their daily lives as they might think and that sometimes, we have to help others solve their problems to make sure they don’t become ours.

With this campaign, Defence reaffirms its primary concern to preserve the safety of Belgian citizens, even from non-immediate threats.

This is highlighted by the new tagline Boondoggle created for Defence: Our mission. Your future.

This awareness campaign will be followed by an extensive recruitment campaign, based on the same platform.

Belgian Defence - Not our problem? - ENG

Stijn Cox Managing Partner Brand & Client Development at Boondoggle