Boondoggle cuts the salmon to the bone for De Morgen

Thursday, May 4, 2017 — In the current context, where truth is more important than ever but more difficult to find, the importance of quality journalism cannot be underestimated. That’s why the time was ripe for De Morgen, together with Boondoggle, to take its successful salmon campaign to a new level.

Creatives, marketing people and the editorial team put their heads together to bring the “salmon attitude” into sharper focus. The salmon’s been filleted to the bone. The fish as metaphor is removed from the creative expression and is replaced by a symbol “<” – that embodies the attitude of going against the stream.

The visual aspect is only the beginning. The whole campaign in all its touchpoints, is an outspoken promise from the journalists to recommit themselves to quality journalism, to accurately portray all perspectives and to leave no question unanswered and no answer unquestioned.

The multi-media campaign is launched in the paper itself with a new editorial manifesto that outlines De Morgen’s task in society and how it will roll out.

A TV-commercial introduces the “<” with the metaphor of a tattoo to display how deep the commitment to truth cuts – however painful that may be – to bring more insight to the paper’s readers. This is a promise that is repeated by the journalists themselves in a short follow-up spot.

In radio journalists of De Morgen talks about their approach to daily reporting and investigating, because more than just an advertising campaign, it is an invitation to the reader to not just read the paper, but also to have insight into how the news is reported. Through this process, the reader gains a better understanding into what it takes to bring quality news. That is why from now, journalists will feel closer to the reader, not just in the campaigns, but also in the paper itself.

De Morgen | TV commercial - ENG

De Morgen | TV commercial short - ENG

Stijn Cox Managing Partner Brand & Client Development at Boondoggle