Boondoggle educates the world on NATO

NATO asked Boondoggle to produce a series of visually attractive video animations to explain in simple and accessible terms what NATO is and does.

This weekend’s NATO Summit in Warsaw takes place at a defining moment for the security of the Alliance. We live in an uncertain world with conflicts along NATO’s borders and beyond. It is imperative that we send a strong message to the world: NATO matters.

While many people know of NATO, most know little about what the Alliance is and how it works.

The videos serve as briefing tools for non-expert visitors to NATO’s civilian and military headquarters and participants in NATO-sponsored events, as well as for visitors looking for introductory information on NATO’s online platforms.

After the successful release in 2014 of the multiple award winning project Return to Hope, NATO and Boondoggle entered into a long-term partnership last year.

About Boondoggle

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