Boondoggle Havas sees double for Federale Assurance-Verzekering

For over a hundred years, Federale Assurance-Verzekering has supported all professionals who like to roll up their sleeves. However, as customer behavior and expectations have changed in the insurance world, Boondoggle Havas and Federale Assurance-Verzekering joined forces to evolve the brand's positioning.

Together, they conducted an in-depth strategic analysis after refining the business strategy and defining a new commercial approach focused on entrepreneurs and the self-employed. This resulted in a precise and distinctive positioning, summarized in the new baseline: 'Altijd mee, pro en privé' – ‘À vos côtés, pro et privé’. ​

Federale Assurance-Verzekering supports entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and company directors in doing business with peace of mind. But because life is more than work, Federale Assurance-Verzekering also supports them in their family and private lives. A holistic approach that simplifies insurance for them and gives them real peace of mind in every aspect of their lives.

This message came to life through print ads, radio spots, online videos on social media, and banners. A striking and relevant detail: we always see the entrepreneurs in duplicate, as professionals and as private individuals, illustrating that Federale Assurance-Verzekering supports them in both facets of their lives.

The lighthearted tone, playful winks, and colorful setting create a distinctive and cohesive framework for the brand, making a strong statement about its commitment to entrepreneurs in their professional and personal lives.

Federale Verzekering - OOH - Decorator NL.pdf

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Federale Assurance - OOH - Decorator FR.pdf

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Federale Verzekering - Chauffagist NL 30s.mp3

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Federale Assurance - Restauratrice FR 30s.mp3

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Federale Verzekering - Aannemer NL 30s.mp3

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Agency: Boondoggle, Havas
Advertiser: Fédérale Assurance / Federale Verzekering
Client team: Kris Van Den Steen, Tu Anh Ha, Olivier De Backer, Cedric Cooreman, Aurélie Farinari
Account team: Valerie Vleminckx, Carlota Schuermans, Manou Geeroms ​
Strategy: Stijn Cox
Executive Creative Director: Mathieu Cardon
Associate Creative Director: Stéphane Daniel ​
Art Director: Thierry Verdoodt
Copy: Stephen Walckiers, Tom De Vliegher, Stéphane Daniel
Long copy: Lesley Dewilde
Motion Design: Anne-Sophie Cayon, Dorien Bradt ​
Design: Stefaan De Vos, Léa Bouissou
Planning: Karine Uytterhoeven ​
Producer Boondoggle, Havas: Bérengère Lurquin ​
Production video & photo: Jekyll n’ Hyde
Sound: Cobra



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