Boondoggle launches a new recruitment campaign for Defence

Monday, March 26, 2018 — On the occasion of the Technical Job Day of April 12, Boondoggle launches a new recruitment campaign for Belgian Defence. The campaign tells the stories of 2 jobs sharing similar skills but set in 2 dramatically different worlds: the civilian and the military environnements.

Most civilians are not aware that their skills can be relevant to specific technical functions at Defence. So Boondoggle looked up similar function in the civilian world and transported them to military world.

The campaign starts with a professional scene in the civilian world until the camera performs a 360° rotation to immerse the audience in a similar situation within Defence.

For example, a car mechanic turns into an F16 technician and a computer specialist has the opportunity to set up a cutting-edge weapons system.

The media mix includes online videos, social media, GDN banners and DOOH.

In 2017, Boondoggle was assigned the mission to rebrand Belgian Defence, with a special focus on recruitment campaigns. Over the past few months, Boondoggle has successfully launched several campaigns building up to the tagline: “More than a job, a mission.”


Team Technique - Technicien aƩronautique. Transforme ton job en mission.

Team Technique - Technicien en armement. Transforme ton job en mission.

Jobday technique

Technisch Team - Technicus bij de Luchtcomponent. Verander je job in een missie.

Technisch Team - Technicus bewapening. Verander je job in een missie.

Jobdag Techniek

From a car technician...
to a technician at the Air component.
From an IT specialist...
to an armory technician.