Boondoggle launches Boondoggle Electric

An ecosystem made up of inspirational companies replaces the traditional 360° satellite structure.

Boondoggle Electric, a future-proof agency galaxy.

Totally in line with its now well-known Beyond The Promise ™ philosophy, Boondoggle is redefining the “full-service agency” concept. Instead of developing into a traditional communication agency with a 360° structure based on media channels, Boondoggle is rapidly building up an innovative ecosystem of inspirational and talented enterprises. This ecosystem, christened Boondoggle Electric, comprises not only the existing agencies, Boondoggle Leuven and Boondoggle Amsterdam, but also two brand new Boondoggle companies.

Boondoggle Bright is the first new company within Boondoggle. It will concentrate on generating and developing smart ideas leading to permanent digital touchpoints. Touchpoints that help to create positive customer experiences. Branded utilities, apps & services, owned media channels, etc, which are becoming increasingly important in developing the contemporary brand. Think, for example, of the successful iPhone app that Boondoggle developed for Kinepolis in 2010, and so on.
Boondoggle Bright will be run by Pieter Lambrechts and Vincent Depoortere.

Then there’s Boondoggle Life Labs, Boondoggle’s innovation lab, which is now expanding into an autonomous company to be run by Jesse Wynants. The core business of Boondoggle Life Labs is the generation and development of smart ideas leading to new products and even new brands. Think of the successful launch of the Tweetnotebook and the BookofFame, two new products launched by LifeLabs in 2010, which embody an original amalgamation of a digital product (Twitter and Facebook) and an analogue product (a notebook). By setting up an angel fund with other companies and by crowd funding and co-sourcing, over time Boondoggle Life Labs will create a number of spin-offs, arising out of the ideas of the LifeLabbers from the very beginning.

In the coming years, the existing agencies, Boondoggle Leuven and Boondoggle Amsterdam, will, as integrated communication agencies, continue to excel in the creation and development of smart communication campaigns and concepts.

From now on all the Boondoggle companies together will form Boondoggle Electric: an ecosystem of autonomous, inspirational companies which will be able to mean so much more for brands and consumers because each of them will, in its own way, generate pertinence, excitement and word of mouth. Thus instead of a traditional 360° structure based solely on communication and media expertise, Boondoggle is working on an ambitious corporate structure which is expressly focused on covering a terrain much broader than communication alone. In a rapidly altering landscape, this is a logical step. A future-proof agency galaxy.

In the course of 2011, a number of further new initiatives within Boondoggle Electric will be announced.

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About Boondoggle

Boondoggle is a full-service creative agency, employing over 60 people in Belgium.
With a human-centered, agile design thinking approach at its core, Boondoggle delivers through-the-line advertising campaigns, integrated with innovative digital products and services.

The agency brings together smart people from diverse disciplines to make this happen - including writers, service designers, art directors, UX specialists, brand strategists and developers.

Boondoggle has a combination of international and local clients, including Argenta, Chivas, Nomad Food Group, Achmea, NATO, Bancontact Payconiq Company, Yuzzu, Beobank, Opel Finance, Oxfam Solidariteit, Flanders DC en the Ministry of Defence.

Boondoggle's belief is that collaboration is the key to creating meaningful campaigns, products and services and strives to work together with its clients to take them beyond.

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