Boondoggle LifeLabs launches co-creation platform

Boondoggle LifeLabs stimulates creativity and innovation through unique cooperation platform

Boondoggle LifeLabs launches a cooperation platform enabling talent the world over to realize innovative ideas with business potential. Through, anyone can introduce unique, digital business ideas or work together on existing ideas. Profits are equally shared between the participants once an idea actually comes to life and generates money. Boondoggle LifeLabs focuses primarily on passionate developers, designers and creative minds around the globe.

With this unique platform, Boondoggle LifeLabs continues its co-creation model by inviting people to cooperate realising innovative projects. Such as Tweetnotebook orBookofFame, two projects developed within LifeLabs and currently in a proof of concept phase. Both stand for a truly original mix of a digital (Twitter or Facebook) and an analogue product (a notebook). From now one, Boondoggle LifeLabs invites everyone to cooperate on projects like these, or to come up with innovative ideas themselves and realise them.
All talented developers, designers and creative minds looking for more background can find it at, including the blog with all the latest developments at LifeLabs.

About Boondoggle LifeLabs
Boondoggle LifeLabs was founded in 2009 as a creative cell within the communication agency Boondoggle. Employees can develop innovative business ideas of their own during working hours. Profits of LifeLabs projects are shared between LifeLabs members and Boondoggle. Today, this innovation lab has developed into an independent company within Boondoggle Electric’s ecosystem.

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About Boondoggle

Boondoggle is a full-service digital native creative and customer experience agency, employing over 60 people in Belgium. With holistic brand building approach at its core, Boondoggle delivers creativity through advertising campaigns, digital media and marketing services, integrated with innovative digital products and services. The agency brings together smart people from diverse disciplines to make this happen - including writers, service designers, art directors, UX specialists, brand strategists and developers. 

Boondoggle has a combination of international and local clients, including Beobank, Luminus, Danone, Nomad Food Group, Achmea, NATO, Bancontact Payconiq Company, Stellantis Finance, BioBest, AstraSweets, Trends/Tendances, NCOI, ADESA, TWEGOS, Federale Verzekeringen et Jacqmotte. Boondoggle’s promise is “Together Beyond”. 

Boondoggle's belief is that collaboration is the key to creating meaningful brands, products and services and the agency strives to work together with its clients to take them beyond.


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+32 486 25 92 17