Boondoggle receives the ultimate advertising honour: seeing one of its campaigns re-done by another agency

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 — There are lots of awards out there. But the biggest honour is when the people you admire don’t just award your work or wish they had done it themselves, but actually do it themselves. Therefore, Boondoggle is honoured to see Jung von Matt re-do its “adblock recruiting” case, launched in November last year.

With this campaign, Boondoggle recruited the kind of advertising people who use an adblocker. Because they are more likely to create a different kind of campaign.

We reached this target group by using a plugin that detects adblock users, on the 3 major sites, visited by people from the industry:, and The case movie can be viewed here.

It received quite a lot of attention from the likes of Adweek and Think With Google, and picked up a few national awards so far. A nice compliment from the industry.

Now, the cherry is on the cake: seven months after our initial launch Jung von Matt launched a campaign, titled: “how we used adblockers as a recruiting tool”. It detected adblock users on the Jung von Matt website, and showed them a recruiting message.

Jung von Matt has been the most succesful creative agency in Germany over the past 20 years, and a regular winner at Cannes Lions.

Boondoggle is just happy to be in this press release. And would be more than happy to offer the makers of the Jung von Matt campaign a job at our offices in Leuven. Because great minds think alike.