Boondoggle recruits behind the adblocker

Boondoggle recruits behind the adblocker

Thursday November 19 - Boondoggle is looking for reinforcement. And to find the right people for the job, the agency is launching a remarkable campaign on Belgium’s biggest marketing and communication websites: a banner that’s only visible to people who use an adblocker.

One would think adblockers are public enemy n°1 in the advertising world. And yet a lot of publicity agents use one themselves. Roughly 10% of all visitors on blocks ads.  

“We think those are exactly the people that want to do things differently. Just like us”, says Creative Director Sam De Vriendt. “We prefer to build brands around innovative services that are really useful.”

To reach this target audience – the adblocking ad people – Boondoggle installed a plug-in on, and that makes it possible to show adblock users a message nonetheless. This was the message: “You block ads, even if you work in advertising? Then maybe you’re the person we’re looking for.” The banner links to all vacancies at Boondoggle.

About Boondoggle

Boondoggle is a full-service creative agency, employing over 60 people in Belgium.
With a human-centered, agile design thinking approach at its core, Boondoggle delivers through-the-line advertising campaigns, integrated with innovative digital products and services.

The agency brings together smart people from diverse disciplines to make this happen - including writers, service designers, art directors, UX specialists, brand strategists and developers.

Boondoggle has a combination of international and local clients, including Argenta, Chivas, Nomad Food Group, Achmea, NATO, Bancontact Payconiq Company, Yuzzu, Beobank, Opel Finance, Oxfam Solidariteit, Flanders DC en the Ministry of Defence.

Boondoggle's belief is that collaboration is the key to creating meaningful campaigns, products and services and strives to work together with its clients to take them beyond.

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