Boondoggle strikes gold at Eurobest

Friday, December 1, 2017 — Boondoggle has won a gold award at this year’s Eurobest Awards for a project the agency launched for Wereldsolidariteit, a Belgian NGO focused on raising awareness around inequality in the world. 

The project “Tahra’s Workout” won in the new category of Creative Data Storytelling. 

Hundreds of thousands of textile workers produce some of the world’s most famous sports brands’ apparel in terrible conditions. 

To show amateur and professional athletes how much these workers suffer to produce their clothing the agency fitted off-the-shelf fitness measuring equipment to a Cambodian factory worker to calculate her “effort” during her 10-hour work day. 

This produced results in a language that these athletes understand to help them see how much suffering goes into the making of their clothing.

The agency also created a 30” second TVC as a recreation of the experiment that was flighting on national TV in Belgium - thanks to a Medialaan Fairtime award. 

Boondoggle ECD Leon Jacobs commented: “We are especially pleased that it won in the creative data storytelling category. It is our belief that the future of branding lies in the blend between creativity and technology and this kind of work proves our intention.”

“In co-operation with the client and our partners we were able to realise this work in a very short time. A great achievement by the whole team. Big thanks to all of them and the crew at Medialaan” adds Boondoggle CEO Pieter Lambrechts.

The project was also short-listed in the Glass category – the award that celebrates campaigns that promote positive change.


Stijn Cox Managing Partner Brand & Client Development at Boondoggle