Boondoggle wakes employees earlier in extreme winter weather with the Winter Wake Up app

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 — Last year we all had a particularly severe winter. With sleet and snow that caused a lot of traffic jams. On and off road. So much so that thousands of people got to work much later than usual. And sometimes they didn’t even get to work at all.

This year, the management of the Boondoggle advertising agency decided to anticipate another hard winter with the Winter Wake Up app. This mobile application works like a normal alarm clock, but wakes you earlier than usual if it has unexpectedly snowed or frozen overnight. So you have enough time in the morning to dig the snow from your drive, de-ice your car and still leave for work on time.

During the night, the Winter Wake Up app collects weather information for where you are. Based on this, the app decides whether it’s necessary to wake you up earlier. How much earlier is something you decide for yourself.

With the Winter Wake Up app, Boondoggle hopes that its staff can get to work at a reasonable time this winter. If the situation seems really hopeless, there’s another solution. You can tell the alarm clock not to wake you. Then you can set the app to wake you to make up the lost hours on the following Saturday.

You can download the Winter Alarm app for iOS from the App Store and for Android via Android Market.

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