ranks Twitter users who tweet World Cup predictions.

Friday, June 11, 2010 — The World Cup fever is rising high. Also on Twitter. Predicting the outcome of the games is part of the fun. Every sports fan wants to compete with his peers and prove he has the better insight in the game. That’s why Boondoggle LifeLabs created “”. collects tweeted world cup predictions and ranks participants based on the accuracy of their predictions. Friends or colleagues can create their own “private” ranking within How it works? Simple. A twitter user just needs to include two hashtags in his tweet: the hashtag #cuptweets and a hashtag defining the prediction e.g. #ENG-USA 2-1 (=England will win by 2-1 against the United States). These “cuptweets” are captured by also offers a tool on to create cuptweets with the correct hashtags.

Based on the actual outcome of the games, ranks all the twitter users in the world. A correct home win, draw or away win will get you 1 point. The correct score will get you 3 points. Twitter users can check their predictions and ranking on A group of friends or colleagues can create their own groupranking, using a twitter-list (= a group of twitter-users). All predictions of people in such a twitter-list, will be visible on, with its own "Hall of Fame".

No need to log in, sign up or pay a fee. Just tweet.

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