Thursday, November 29, 2012 — Boondoggle has recently moved to a brand new building. To make the outside world aware of this we did more than the typical signature change in outgoing e-mails or other formal communication about our new adress. Instead we launched an internal campaign: #meetingroombattle

How did it work?

Every Boondoggler shared a picture of the new building on Facebook or Instagram.
The picture with the most likes would make the picturetaker immortal. Because he or she would give their name to one of the meeting rooms.

So instead of meeting rooms that received obvious names like Debussy or Lumière, people would be immortalized in phrases like “Get out of the Selfslagh, we booked him.” Or “Can somebody clean up the Maris? We need it for a client.”

Employees started their own little election campaign: by creating special Facebook pages, by getting published in specialised press or even by using famous football players to get more likes.

But all of them showed the outside world that we had moved to a cool place.

 ‘#meetingroombattle’ created a huge social buzz in the Belgian advertising industry. Mission accomplished.

Stef Selfslagh Boondoggle