Michael Schack drums on tuned gas cylinders for Primagaz and Boondoggle


What do you get when you give Netsky drummer Michael Schack the Primagaz EasyBlueTM app, an application that measures the contents of your gas cylinder in seconds using your smartphone? The answer was plain for all to see in Antwerp Central Station on 19 June. As always, Schack gave it all he had, but this time on his home-made ‘Gazdrum’, a perfectly tuned drum set made of... gas cylinders. And it got him noticed by a lot of people.


Watch Michael Schack and his Gazdrum in Antwerp Central Station here: https://youtu.be/zdIpKZCAa1k

Download the Primagaz EasyBlueTM app for iOS or Android and win a BBQ workshop for two with Peter De Clercq.

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