Primus shows how standing out makes unknown talents world-famous

Primus shows how standing out makes unknown talents world-famous

Free Spirits - Renaat Vandepapeliere

The docu series “Free Spirits” returns with a portrait of Renaat Vandepapeliere, founder of the Belgian cult record label R&S Records. Renaat founded the label in 1983 to give new artists and musical styles a shot. Artists like Aphex Twin, Dave Clarke and CJ Bolland were given a stage, long before they became household names in the electronic music scene. That was mainly possible because Renaat blindly trusted his gut feeling and did not follow trends. His record label was fed by his hunger for unheard-of music. Ready-made music formats did not stand a chance at R&S. Renaat’s story is mainly a story of staying true to oneself. When the success became larger than life, he quit. Six years later, at a time when the music industry is in full crisis, he has the strongheaded idea of relaunching R&S Records and providing a platform for the likes of James Blake, Paula Temple and Nicolas Jaar. It will give musical talent a unique amplifier, with worldwide resonance. 

Renaat’s story is the fourth story in the “Free Spirits” series. The previous episodes were dedicated to Angelo the surfer & shaper, Antoine the knife forger and Sylvain the Urban Explorer. In totally different ways, they tell success stories of men who excel in being themselves.

Discover the “Free Spirits” series here: 

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