Trends performs paradigm shift with Change The Game

Trends and Boondoggle launch their first campaign together

Boondoggle launches the new Trends image campaign. With Change The Game, Trends positions itself as a catalyst for new, sustainable entrepreneurship. Together with their reading public of entrepreneurs and leaders in economy and society, Trends wants to change the game to a more sustainable creation of welfare. Together with Boondoggle, they developed a new brand story and a first campaign around Change The Game.

Not every Belgian SME has the time nor space to philosophize about its positioning and social engagement. Our entrepreneurs are working extremely hard and have to face one challenge after another in this time of crisis. In this context, Trends wants to inspire and motivate them to hold on and to contribute to a new, more sustainable economy, together with a network of like-minded people.

Michael Nevejan and Amandine Castermans of Trends explain: “The engine of this big economic change is running on a mix of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and smart regulations. Trends likes to add a fourth component to this mix: the public that feels the urge, asks for action and wants to act upon it themselves. Trends wants to bring these elements together under the motto: “Trends verbindt mensen die kansen zien” (“Trends brings people who see opportunities together”).”

Boondoggle created a narrative for a public that wants to contribute to a circular economy, that wants to create a sustainable enterprise and believes in the power of diversity. Change The Game is represented in a first wave via two television commercials, eleven print ads, a radio spot and a series of digital and social stories that show us what the difference is between seeing what there is and seeing what something can become. This choice in perspective is what differentiates game changers. This campaign is the first one for Boondoggle led by their new creative director Jorrit Hermans.

“Through authentic stories by entrepreneurs, Trends confronts us all with the choices we have and the decisions we take. But most of all, Trends wants to inspire everyone to dare to choose the road to sustainability that helps us all to move on, with a lot of guts and conviction. Without entrepreneurs, we wouldn’t be able to that,” Stijn Cox (Boondoggle) concludes.

The campaign starts on October 28, 2020 through national Belgian media.


Creation: Jorrit Hermans, Jan Teulingkx, Frederik Draulans, Eva Kumpen, Michel de Schauwers, Lennert Vedts, Stefaan De Vos, Bérengère Lurquin, Dave De Preter
Strategy: Stijn Cox
Account: Kristien Bruyninckx, Roozbeh Ahmadi
Klant: Nele Baeyens, Michael Nevejan, Amandine Castermans
Production Video: Wenneker, Vanessa Jacob, Femke Verstuyft, Dirk Domen
Production Radio: Cobra, Christophe Cossement

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Boondoggle beheert een portfolio van internationale en lokale klanten zoals Beobank, Luminus, Danone, Nomad Food Group, Achmea, NATO, Bancontact Payconiq Company, Stellantis Finance, BioBest, AstraSweets, Trends/Tendances, NCOI, ADESA, TWEGOS, Federale Verzekeringen en Jacqmotte . Boondoggle gelooft dat samenwerking de sleutel is tot het creëren van betekenisvolle campagnes, producten en diensten; en streeft naar een partnership met zijn klanten om hen net dat stapje verder te brengen. Together Beyond!


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